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Your Spokane-area home is your sanctuary—the one place you should be able to escape from the madness of the world that surrounds us. Walking into your favorite space should give you a sense of peace and serenity that you can experience individually or share with beloved family members and friends. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced the way chaos can filter into your home via clutter and disorganization.

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Jennifer Estey

If you’re tired of the mental, physical, and spiritual drain that disorganized, cluttered spaces are having on your daily life, you likely need assistance from someone who understands. As a professional organizer with years of experience—both within my household and through the hundreds of clients whom I’ve helped recover that essential sense of tranquility—I’ve developed a process designed to optimize the spaces causing your frustration. Best of all, that process can be uniquely tailored to meet your individual needs.

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Life is busy—it’s just the nature of the way your professional, family, and social commitments intertwine. Whether you’re raising children, working outside the home, participating in religious activities, other social engagements—or all of the above—it’s crucial to understand that disorganized spaces are not the result of irresponsibility, a sloppy demeanor, or even a chaotic nature. You’re merely doing the best you can with the knowledge you have, and services from a professional organizer can help transform the way you think about your space.


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