kind testimonials of my work

from commercial clients to personal home clients

“Thank you so so much. You not only gave me lots of love, support, validation and new tools, but you have inspired me with your talents, wisdom and experience.”

Love you,

“They say that dynamite comes in small packages and that is certainly the case with you! Thanks for your effort in going the extra mile!”


“Thank you for being my God-send fairy! You did an incredible job and I hope to have made a new friend as well. You are appreciated more than you know.”


Jen is both an incredible neighbor and professional organizer. Her approach to organizing and redesigning our daughter’s playroom was methodical and thoughtful – always keeping in mind who was using the space and for what purposes.

She masterfully bridged engaging our family and taking ownership of the process. We all felt heard and a part of the transformation, but also like we did not have to do the work. Every day we were pleasantly surprised with how much Jen had accomplished and how her vision was taking shape. For almost a year now, our daughter has enjoyed her new space.

She spends more time in there than ever before – doing crafts, reading, building Lego, playing her drums… the space accommodate everything she wants to do. We are grateful for the flexibilty Jen built into the room, especially as we look to carve out an area now for our son. As a neighbor, Jen is incredibly thoughtful, personable and generous. We are so grateful to have her and her talents so close. I would definitely recommend Jen for any organizing and design needs.

The Whitman Family

“Cant thank you enough for all your hard work and design sense. You truly made my home look more beautiful than it ever has, or that I could have ever imagined. You are truly amazing!”

Many, many thanks!

“A ray of sunshine and kindness has been truly a big help!”


“Thank you so much for all you did to support our goal to have a clean and organized and efficient home I appreciate your work so much!”

Rachel & Family

“You know how when you meet people for the first time and “you just know”…..? Well I felt that way about you when you came to meet us for the first time! I just knew that you would be instrumental in “seeing” how to arrange and organize our space especially for us.

I don’t know if I ever would have gone through all those cards and photos if it wasn’t for your gentle patience and persistence to get it done. It was all good and I never would have done it without you!!!

We are so happy with all you did for us. Thank you seems so shallow and trite to express such a huge and overwhelming expression of gratitude.

We are indebted to your expertise and sensitivity and we shout from the rooftops.”

Thank you!!!

“Just so you know, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you because your touches are everywhere in my home.

Please stop by whenever you are in Three Springs- you don’t have to call!”

Hugs and kisses to you,

“You have such an amazing gift and talent! Thank you for helping to make my house look amazing. You have taught me so much. I often think what would Jenn do? Although this time I knew I had to call in the big guns!”