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Your life does not revolve around keeping your home in order. Instead, you must devote your time to family, friends, professional obligations, and other important endeavors, while maintaining the relaxation so essential to your mental, physical, and spiritual health. While you’re attending to the circumstances of life, it’s common to fall into a state of disorganization. It’s the task of a professional organizer to help guide you to a place where you are at peace with your possessions—and impart techniques you can use for years to come.

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Talking on the phone is a great way of getting all the details about your organizing project. I can answer any questions you have on the spot and help guide you on a path thats best for us to take together.

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Don’t have time to talk just yet? No problem. I have a virtual contact form if you would to leave a detailed description of your needs. I’ll look over your message and arrange a time to call you on your time.

Why Get Organized?

Many Spokane residents utilize professional organization services in anticipation of an upcoming event. Or, perhaps you’ve just reached a tipping point, where the drain imparted by a mountain of clutter has simply become too much.

Whether you have an upcoming event and want to optimize your most important spaces, or simply desire a fresh start in a tranquil, peaceful home, Organize Spokane can help.
Professional Organization Services

When to call a professional organizer

Professional organization services help you declutter and organize for many of life’s most important priorities, including:

Downsizing and Moving

Estate Sales


Additions to the family

Setting a positive example for children

Potential Areas of Improvement

Professional organization has helped countless homes achieve tranquility by individually addressing the most cluttered spaces within. Shared areas in need of a professional organizer’s keen eye include:

● Kitchens, including pantries and storage areas
● Home offices
● Closets
● Garage and storage spaces
● Bedrooms, including master, child, and guest bedrooms
● Family and living spaces
● Commercial office spaces

Through Organize Spokane and my practical and innovative sorting and organization solutions, you’ll achieve a space that truly provides you with peace. Best of all, you’ll experience the joy that comes with a home where there’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place.

What are your rates?
$45.00 per hour
How long is the process?
The length of time to finish a project can vary. Some variables include the number of items, the size of the space, and the degree of client participation available. These are things we’ll discuss during the consultation.
What happens to my donations.
When you choose to donate, you’ll have a few options to handle your items. Depending on the volume, some organizations will pick up your donations. You can also drop off smaller loads at the business of your choice. Additionally, I can also drop off smaller loads for you at no extra fee.
What happens to trash?
Again, the answer depends on volume. I will provide heavy-duty trash bags, and in some cases, it can go out with your regular trash. Medium-sized volumes can be handled by scheduling a special pickup with your disposal company. Sometimes, a small dumpster is needed. I will make a recommendation for trash disposal when we meet.
Do I have to be present?
Client participation is always a good thing—I like to share tools and info with you during the process so that you have new skills to utilize moving forward. That said, I’ve had many clients over the years who preferred less involvement, and that worked too!

What Clients Say...

“Cant thank you enough for all your hard work and design sense. You truly made my home look more beautiful than it ever has, or that I could have ever imagined. You are truly amazing! Many, many thanks!”


“You have such an amazing gift and talent! Thank you for helping to make my house look amazing. You have taught me so much. I often think what would Jenn do? Although this time I knew I had to call in the big guns!”


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The No-Headache Process

Organizing is both an art and a science. The art lies in curating a space that creates harmony between people and possessions. Meanwhile, science dictates how humans build an area that not only signifies order and predictability but reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) while promoting well-being.

As a result, I’ve developed my No-Headache Process, designed to help you assess, declutter, and organize in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle:

Organization Consultation - Cluttered Desk at Home


We’ll discuss your specific needs, the spaces you’d like organized, and your desires for your home. This is where I begin to develop a solution for your space

Call 1.805.236.0876

Planning Services - Divine Solutions - Professional Organization


We’ll meet in your space, at a time convenient for you. I’ll tailor a plan exclusively for you based on the consultation and the unique qualities of your area.

Organized Family Home - Executive Organizational Services


Together, we’ll sort items into identifiable categories before guiding you to make informed decisions regarding what to keep, donate, or trash. You’ll be left with the possessions you genuinely cherish and use as well as a sustainable solution moving forward.