It’s safe to say that the upcoming school year harbors more uncertainty than any in recent memory. Many K-12 school districts, private colleges, and public universities remain in a state of flux regarding whether each will begin the year online or in-person. The circumstances have resulted in a situation where students must be prepared to continue learning from home or traveling to school as the pandemic eases.

As a result, getting organized in anticipation of the school year is more critical than ever. Fortunately, after raising my own four children as well as helping countless families in the Spokane area, I’ve developed a series of strategies to help prep your home for the beginning of classes.

Begin With These Five Strategies

While this year is a bit different than any other, the strategies listed here can help you get organized for the school year regardless of where your children begin classes. The resulting improved spaces can help your children be the best students they can be and reduce your stress in the process. Start with these tips:

  1. Organize closets and supplies. Whether children will be attending classes in person or via Zoom, Skype, or other digital means, they’ll need to look their best and have the materials necessary to succeed. Decluttering by removing outgrown or seasonally inappropriate clothing and supplies can help expedite the getting-dressed process in the morning and help you make note of things your child needs for the year ahead.
  2. Streamline your kitchen and pantry. Eliminating excess clutter and designating space in your pantry and refrigerator for school-friendly options can help the students living in your home locate healthy, portable lunch and snack items to take to school. If you’re learning at home, a well-organized kitchen can help expedite snack and lunch prep.
  3. Create a communication center. Regardless of whether the members of your family are heading off to different locations in the morning or spreading out to their work- and school-at-home task areas, communication is vital. Develop a family calendar and communication center in a high-traffic area so all involved can easily see the various activities upcoming—and plan accordingly.
  4. Establish a homework and learning zone. Whether learning at home or school, students are more focused—and more productive—in a well-organized, clutter-free workspace. Find a quiet area in an unutilized space you can devote entirely to school-related activities, then develop a school and homework routine you and your child can stick to once the year begins.
  5. Declutter garages, mudrooms, and entryways. Depending on your preferences, digital learning may not last forever—and it’s essential to be prepared for a time when you and your family return to the traditional model of education. Get a head start by disposing of or donating last year’s shoes, jackets, backpacks, and other essentials, and developing a well-organized set of hooks or storage options for the remaining items.

Need Help Getting Organized?

As you can see, organizing your home for the school year has multiple components that should be developed to meet the needs of your family and your student. As such, it’s often essential to seek the services of a professional organizer who can help you implement strategies that genuinely work—and strategies you’ll stick with throughout the year to come. For professional organization services in the Spokane area, reach out online to request a consultation or call Organize Spokane at 1.805.236.0876.